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We are a reputable and knowledgeable Microsoft AWS service provider. Our team of professionals collaborates with you to comprehend your distinct business requirements and utilizes AWS’s strength to assist you in reaching your objectives. With us, you can save up to 40% on services like streamlined migration, AWS consulting, and managed and integration services.

Latest Projects

AptaCloud partnered with a Healthcare firm to simplify and secure their cloud infrastructure. We supported them in migrating their servers to Microsoft Azure, By seamlessly transitioning their WordPress site and fortifying defenses against cyber threats, we created a secure, controlled environment that fosters user trust and safeguards their digital assets.
AI Tools for Meida & Entertainment, to revamp their system with improved UI, backend features, and autoscaling capabilities. By leveraging our expertise and integrating the platform with marketplaces like Adobe and FastSpring, we've enabled seamless connectivity for third-party audio systems, providing users with enhanced functionality and a superior audio experience.
AptaCloud's partnership with a Large American Life Insurance Company focused on implementing a private VPN infrastructure, centralized login management, and RBAC mechanisms for enhanced security and user access control. By supporting concurrent usage and optimizing resource allocation, we improved collaboration and productivity, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

What Services Do We Offer

AWS Managed Services

We offer AWS fully managed services for seamless cloud transitions. AptaCloud manages computing resources, databases, deployment, monitoring, and security efficiently and cost-effectively. Optimized for performance and scalability, AWS services let clients focus on core business, leaving cloud management to experts.

AWS Migration Services

We offer efficient AWS cloud migration services, leveraging years of experience. AptaCloud handles the complexities of moving enterprise applications and workloads, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal downtime and data integrity by utilizing AWS's robust, scalable infrastructure.

AWS Security Services

We ensure thorough AWS cloud security by leveraging AWS's robust infrastructure. AptaCloud excels in implementing protective measures, including network security, encryption, access control, and monitoring, to safeguard critical data and resources comprehensively.

AWS Optimization Services

AptaCloud uses AWS expertise and industry knowledge to identify improvements and implement optimization strategies. They analyze workloads, optimize resources, improve cost efficiency, and enhance performance. Their innovative, customer-centric approach empowers organizations to fully leverage AWS capabilities and achieve business outcomes.

Architecture Review

Evaluating current architecture for alignment with company objectives is crucial. This includes assessing scalability, adaptability, data flow security, and functionality. Reviewing compliance with industry standards ensures robustness. A holistic review identifies weaknesses, enhances performance, and supports sustainable growth.

AWS Monitoring Services

AptaCloud's certified AWS professionals provide 24/7 monitoring, proactive maintenance, and timely updates for optimal performance and security. Utilizing robust governance frameworks and automation tools, AptaCloud ensures seamless migration, integration, and management of AWS infrastructure, letting clients focus on core objectives.

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AptaCloud, Ideal Choice for AWS Services


Our team of certified AWS professionals meticulously assesses the client's requirements, develops a tailored migration strategy, and executes the migration process with precision.

From application modernization to data migration and optimization, AptaCloud provides end-to-end cloud migration solutions, enabling clients to fully harness the benefits of AWS's elastic and cost-effective cloud resources.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction and technical expertise, AptaCloud is the ideal partner for businesses seeking a reliable and effective AWS cloud implementation solution.

By leveraging AWS cloud security features, AptaCloud is committed to offering its clients a secure and reliable environment to host their infrastructure and applications.

With their expertise and knowledge in AWS cloud services, AptaCloud helps clients transform their cloud architectures into scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

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